Decramastic / decrabond roof restoration

Whilst some decramastic roofs have gone beyond the point of repair - some decramastic roofs are still able to be restored. In most cases careless foot traffic across the tin tile is the cause of a lot of damage due to not being walked on correctly. It is imperitive that decramastic roofs are walked on correctly.


Fix and repair any sheets that could cause possible leaks. This could be due to dents in tiles, nails that have fallen out from sheet etc. Replace any loose nails with new nails in the nose of the sheet. Silicone the bottom row of nail heads.

Cleaning process

Before the cleaning process can start a pump is set up for environmental purposes. This is mandatory under the water pollution act to prevent waste from entering drains.

We then water blast the area of roof, also the nose of the overlapping sheet. This is extremely important as it prevents the nose of the sheet turning black. We use an adjustable 4000psi - 5200psi waterblasting machine for the ultimate cleaned service to prepare for painting.  The gutters will then be cleaned out of any stones, debris, leaves etc. Fungicide is then applied if previous fungi is evident.

Dent removal

Pull all dents out of sheeting with dent puller. Refill all holes with a paintable poxy resin to ensure that there will be no leaks.


Plastic sheets are used to protect walls, windows, pergola roofs, hot water etc so that there will be no over spray. Drop sheets are used also to cover patio rails. In the case of swimming pools a large heavy duty tarp is layed over the pool to stop any overspray entering the water in the pool. 

Restoning and painting process

This process is done sheet by sheet. A coat of membrane is applied to the sheet, then the stone is applied to the coat of membrane while the membrane is wet. Then another coat is applied to the stone to ensure the stone is secured to the sheet. This process is applied across the whole of the roof area. A further 2 coats of rubber membrane are applied over the top of the initial process of restoning in colour of your choice. After this process is finished all gutters will be blown out by a petrol blower to remove any excess stone.

Clean up

After all of the painting process is finished all rubbish, plastic overspray protection sheets etc is taken away from site. Site is left clean and tidy for you our client to enjoy your newly restored roof. 

Please note that when a roof restoration is performed - your roof is water tight before we leave for the day.

 nothing is open to the elements over night.