Roof Restorations

Tile repairs & valleys

Check roofline for an broken, cracked, chipped, fractured tiles including water tracks. Remove and replace if necessary. Check valleys for clips - if no valley clips, new valley clips to be installed - prevent valley tiles from sliding down valley. 

Mortar rebed and repointing rebed

Assess mortar along all ridge capping. If mortar is brittle, broken or unrepairable ridge caps to be removed and rebed. In cases partial rebeds are sufficient. In some cases new ridge caps may need to be supplied. Communication to you our client is the best course of action in regards to the rebedding process.


If a full rebed has been applied, a full repoint will take place. In some cases a rebed is not necessary, however the pointing of the ridge caps and pointing accross the collars of the ridge caps may be broken, cracked, brittle or in some cases the flexible pointing has completely broken off leaving quite a large risk for leaks. When a repoint is taken out by the team at All Aussie Roof Restorations Pty Ltd you will be left with a "signature brush point finish".

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Cleaning process

Before the cleaning process can start under the "water pollution act" it is by law that any waste that is washed from your roof must not enter any drains or water ways.

Before the cleaning process can start a pump is set up for environmental purposes.

This is mandatory under the “water pollution act” to prevent waste from entering the drains and or our water ways.

As a future client of all aussie roof restorations pty ltd it is our duty to inform you that if you have your roof cleaned or restored, we as a company are liable for what happens to the waste that comes off your roof. 

As a client you too are also liable for what happens to the waste when it comes from your roof.

We then water blast the area of roof using an adjustable 4000psi to 5200psi water blaster.

It is extremely important to also clean the nose of the tile. We also use a hover on your roof to clean with.

Protection for the painting process

Plastic sheets and drop sheets are used to protect walls, windows, pergola roof, hot water systems etc so that there will be no overspray. We even cover swimming pools.

Your roof is the only thing that should and will be painted.

Sealing process

Before this process can start the roof line will be blown off with a petrol blower to ensure there is no contaminates on the roof. "sealer will not stick to a dirty surface."

Painting process

After the sealer has been applied the roof will then be blown down again to eradicate any foreign matter such as dust and any matter that has been brought up under foot. 

Once this has been done depending on which membrane system has been chosen by you our client, the membrane will be applied to the roof with an airless spray gun. 

All aussie roof restorations pty ltd offers membrane systems from our 3 coat system right through to a thermal system which can reduce the heat reduction of your roof  significantly.

With a range of colours to choose from you a certain to find what you are looking for to preserve the biggest asset of your home.