Tin roof restoration


Remove all lead head nails or old rusted screws - prevent rust travelling down shaft of screw head giving potential to snap screw head off.

Potential rust risks

Change rusted through or damaged sheets, check valleys under sheeting for rust holes or potential rust holes. The whole of your roof will be checked thoroughly for rust.  

Roof cleaning procedure

before the cleaning process can start a pump is set up for environmental purposes.

This is mandatory under the "water pollution act" to prevent waste from entering the drains and or our water ways.

As a future client of all aussie roof restorations pty ltd it is our duty to inform you that if you have your roof cleaned or restored, we as a company are liable for what happens to the waste that comes off your roof. As a client you too are also liable for what happens to the waste when it comes from your roof.

We then water blast the area of roof using an adjustable 4000psi to 5200psi water blaster. We also use a hover on your roof to clean with.

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Plastic sheets and drop sheets are used to protect walls, windows, pergola roof, hot water systems etc so that there will be no overspray. We even cover swimming pools.

Your roof is the only thing that should and will be painted. 

Rust preventative 

Before the rust converter/primer is applied the whole roof will be blown down with a petrol blower to ensure that any foreign matter is removed from the roof.

A solvent based rust converter/primer is then applied to the area of roof before the painting process will start.

This rust converter will be left to cure for a period of 24 hours.

Painting process

Once the 24 hour curing period for the rust converter/primer has taken place the roof will then be blown down again to eradicate any foreign matter such as dust and any matter that has been brought up under foot. If there has been any bird droppings, bat droppings or anything of such nature the roof must be cleaned accordingly to the nature of the foreign matter.

Once this has been done depending on which membrane system has been chosen by you our client, the membrane will be applied to the roof with an airless spray gun. 

All aussie roof restorations pty ltd offers membrane systems from our 3 coat system right through to a thermal system which can reduce the heat reduction of your roof  significantly.

With a range of colours to choose from you a certain to find what you are looking for to preserve the biggest asset of your home. 

Please note with any tin roof that we are asked to quote for restoration - if the roof isn't suitable for a roof restoration a reroof may be advised.

"honesty is the best policy"